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Zapatango™ welcomes you to the world of hand-made Ladies and Gents Tango Shoes.  Below is some information to help you understand .  If you have any questions, please write to us.

It is important for you to understand we do NOT provide a "Made to Measure" service.

Shoe Sizing:  What we offer you, is a service to have "best-fit" shoes made from standard sized shoe lasts with an option to make the shoe a Half Size longer and/or Wide or Extra Wide.  This width change is achieved by making the width according to the next size (or 2) up.  

E.g.   a 37 Wide is a shoe made to the length of a 37 shoe but at the width of a 38 shoe.  
          a 42 Extra Wide is a shoe made to the length of a 42 shoe but at the width of a 44 shoe.

Design Customisation:  What we offer you, is a service to have shoes made from our standard style range and you can then choose the features:  
                  Materials - combine the leather/suede/etc from our range
                  Colours - in our range of materials
                  Back & Front - Ladies only - combine from 2 different styles if you wish
                  Sole - Leather or Suede
                  Heel - height up to 9.5cm, and colouring to blend with the materials in the shoe
                  Double Comfort - extra padding under the insole
Foot Drawing:   If we offer to draw the shape of your foot, this is not to provide a "Made to Measure" pair of shoes, it simply helps the supplier to better understand the outline shape of your foot and if you have a bunion.  On seeing the drawing, they have the option to refuse to make the shoes or recommend changes.  As we do not measure any part of the foot/ankle, please do not make the mistake of thinking you are getting a made to measure shoe.  

Special Orders:   We have, at extra cost, spent additional time with a few clients to create Special Orders to satisfy a specific requirement.   Assuming the supplier agrees to make the order, please be aware, these special orders are placed at the clients own risk, require full payment at time of order, and cannot be cancelled.   Returns are not possible unless there is a manufacturing fault.  

Unwanted Orders:  Whatever your reason for no longer wanting shoes you have ordered, at our sole discretion, we may agree to try to sell them on your behalf with a 10 handling fee being deducted from the selling price.  Should we agree to sell shoes on your behalf,
  • We do not guarantee to sell your shoes.   
  • Providing the shoes are in an "as new" condition, we will try to recover the full retail price for a period of 3 months after which we will either arrange to get the shoes to you or agree with you a reduced sale price for a further 3 months.  
  • If the shoes have not been sold within 6 months we reserve the right to stop offering the shoes and they become your responsibility. 
  • You will be liable for postage and packing if we have to send the shoes back to you.

** It is unreasonable for you to reject a pair of shoes as "unsuitable" if you failed to tell us about something that affects the shoe's design or wearability.  An example would be you have to wear special orthotic insoles.  **  

Materials and Colours:  Natural materials can vary in texture and colour between manufacturing batches and therefore you must accept there could be texture and/or colour variance from the samples displayed when making your choice.

Fit for Purpose: While every effort is made to produce a high quality shoe, it must be recognised and accepted, the purpose of these shoes is to dance indoors on normal dance surfaces made of wood, linoleum or smooth tiles. They are not intended for outdoor walking or dancing or use on rough or uneven surfaces and any such use will invalidate any warranty express or implied.  

Looking after your shoes:  The sole of the shoes must be kept dry.  Be extra careful at venues where kitchen floors and toilets are likely to have water spillages.  Damage from water ingress to the sole of a shoe is not covered by any warranty.

Comfort issues found after dancing:  We try our best to help you get a comfortable design.  The style & materials used for the front of a shoe, espcially for Ladies shoes, is very important.  Different designs suit certain foot shapes/sizes.  Where possible, we help you understand why some designs may suit you better than others.  Sometimes, the materials will make a design more or less comfortable and again, we will help you understand this.  

at the end of the day the shoe design is your choice, and that is what we have made for you.

Once you have danced in your shoes, should you find comfort issues, we can only advise you to persevere with them for a few weeks.
 Sometimes, it is as simple as wearing them around the house several times to allow the shoes time to mould to your feet. In some cases, taking the shoes to a quality shoe maker/repairer to have them stretched can solve the problem.  On occasion, neither option will make sufficient difference to how you feel a shoe on your foot and they may remain uncomfortable.  

To avoid doubt, we state it here as well as when we deliver your shoes, please be sure you are happy, because once you have worn them on the dance floor they cannot be returned for a refund.  Please check our policies on the Terms page.

** Once you have Danced in a pair of shoes, we cannot accept them back unless faulty. **  


Last Updated 10/1/14

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