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Zapatango™ welcomes you to the world of hand-made Tango Shoes where you are invited to enjoy the feeling of dancing in shoes of your choice.

A number of customers have written to us after dancing in their shoes with the following comments:
" I am impressed how much you are concerned about the quality of the shoes. This makes me like them even more. I love the shoes. They are very comfortable and my dancing improved a lot since the day I put them on."
"they are fab"
"I love my shoes, they are fabulous!!" 
"Your shoes are the BEST! Have danced my feet off and feeling virtually no pain! Can you order me another pair ASAP??? They are beautiful too!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with my shoes. They are extremely comfortable and look fabulous - so I have the best of both worlds." 
"The shoes dance beautifully. The inner sole is particularly comfortable, and the heel, though pencil-thin, is strong and perfectly balanced.  I'll be back for more." 
"It was a pleasure buying from you - so far, the friendliest business in the business.  Now I can start wearing your delicious shoes."
"I love my second pair - they are just as comfortable as my first."
"I continue to enjoy my shoes, in fact I would like to order another pair." 
"I want a second pair ! They are FANTASTIC." 
"My shoes are lovely and give me a great deal of pleasure." 
"I danced 5 hours in my new shoes and they felt better than my favourite shoes."

People we meet when displaying the shoes have made the following comments:
"You have a great high quality product" 
"They are incredibly light" (everyone who picks them up)
"The heel feels perfectly positioned"  (several ladies trying them for the first time)
"They are extremely comfortable"

Last Updated 31/01/17

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